Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning Saves Money

Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning typically saves plant owners at least 10% of there plant running costs. Reverse osmosis membrane cleaning is typically less than half the cost of replacing a membrane.

Fouled reverse osmosis membrane element

A fouled reverse osmosis membrane element

We have found that membranes in reverse osmosis (RO) elements can become fouled by biological matter, mineral scale, colloidal particles & insoluble organics. A loss in normalized permeate flow, normalized salt rejection or both can occur from deposit buildup on membrane surfaces during normal operation. Most reverse osmosis element manufacturers recommend that elements should be cleaned when one or more of the following parameters occurs:

  1. The normalized salt passage increases 5 to 10%
  2. The normalized permeate flow drops 10%
  3. Feed pressure minus concentrate pressure (the normalized pressure drop) increases 10 to 15%

Our experience indicates that if you wait too long before reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, the cleaning may not restore the membrane element performance successfully. In addition, the time between required reverse osmosis membrane cleaning may become shorter as the membrane elements will foul and/or scale more rapidly if not maintained at suitable intervals. Generally membranes are able to be cleaned up to manufacturers’ specifications.

It is far less expensive to clean a reverse osmosis membrane element than it is to replace a reverse  osmosis membrane element.

Most reverse osmosis membrane cleaning jobs are completed in less than eight hours. We quite often perform these on RDO’s or weekends so that production is not effected.

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