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Workplace Air Monitoring

Safe Work Australia has just released Workplace Exposure Standards for Airborne Contaminants which has effect from 18th April 2013.

Every person who conducts a business must ensure that workers are not exposed to a substance or mixture in an airborne concentration that exceeds the exposure standard for that substance or mixture.

Examples of these substances or mixtures include: carbon monoxide, chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, formaldehyde, petrol, ozone, toluene, acetic acid, MEK, xylene & glutaraldehyde.

Every person who conducts a business must ensure that air monitoring is carried out to determine the airborne concentration of a substance or mixture to determine whether there is a risk to health.

If you are unsure & would like one of WMAir’s Occupational Hygienists to visit your workplace to determine whether air monitoring is required, at no obligation or cost, please email your contact details to us


Three People Have Contracted Legionnaires’ Disease in Adelaide over the past few weeks

Over the past few weeks, Legionnaires’ disease has been diagnosed in three individuals who had been in the east part of Adelaide, South Australia during the incubation period. Public health authorities have asked business owners to clean & disinfect cooling towers even though a common source had not been identified yet.