Bore Water Treatment

Bore Water can be an extremely valuable resource for farm, industrial, agricultural, commercial, mining & domestic uses, but it may be contaminated by harmful micro-organisms and/or toxic chemicals. So, a professionally designed & installed water treatment system that is appropriate to the water quality of the bore water may be essential. Water Management Australia Pty Ltd provides a service to visit your site, take a bore water sample and analyse the water to determine if it is fit for the purpose you require.

Bore Water Pump

Bore Water Supply on a Dairy Farm in Laura, South Australia

Bore water should never be used for drinking, bathing, filling swimming & paddling pools, food preparation or cooking unless it has been professionally tested & treated to comply with Australian Standards & Health Department Regulations.

Water Management Australia’s water treatment plants can turn poor quality bore water into potable grade drinking water, or excellent quality process water, depending on your requirements.

Bore Water Treatment Plant

Skid Mounted Bore Water Treatment Plant

Get your water treatment done right the first time by our highly experienced & accredited water treatment technicians.

Bore Water may be naturally contaminated by minerals, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. It may also be contaminated by:

  • Excessive use of fertilizers, animal manures, pesticides & insecticides
  • Accidental chemical spills
  • Leaking fuel & chemical tanks
  • Septic Tanks
  • Mining, industry or intensive agriculture activities
  • Leaching from waste disposal areas

Some contaminants are a nuisance, such as when iron oxide leaches out of soil causing a red or brown stain on wash basins, showers, fittings, footpaths & walls.

Other contaminants such as pesticides, petroleum products, bacteria, viruses, nitrate & arsenic are a health concern, especially if the water is used as food plant process water, for drinking or watering vegetables.

Bore water should not be used for drinking or industrial process water applications unless it has been professionally sampled, prepared & transported by an accredited Water Treatment Technician & analysed at least once per year by a NATA registered laboratory.

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