Water Recycling & Reuse

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd has worked with many of our customers to recycle & reuse their waste water utilising state-of-the-art processes, such as:

  • Green Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • Activated Carbon Filtration
  • Silver Ultra Violet Disinfection Units
  • Multi-Port Vessel Purification Technology
  • Cellulose, Polyamide & Charged Polysulfone Membranes
  • Re-usable Polypropylene Bag Filtration
  • Hollow Fibre & Spiral Wound Elements
  • Concentrate Recycling & Additional Staging Techniques

    Waste Water Recycling

    Skid Mounted Waste Water Recycling Plant

 Waste waters that we have successfully treated for recycling include:

  • Cooling Tower bleed or blowdown
  • Harvested rainwater
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Grey water
  • Air conditioner condensate
  • Food-Processing condensates
  • Boiler blowdown re-use as cooling tower make-up
  • Harvested storm water
  • Recovery of dairy whey condensate for re-use as boiler make-up
  • Swimming pool filter backwash water
  • Municipally reclaimed water
  • Recovery of evaporated water from tomato paste production for re-use as cooling tower & boiler make-up
  • Foundation drain water
  • Cooling tower bleed for irrigation
  • Treated industrial wastewater
  • Steam condensate

    Water Recycling & Recycling

    Reduce Reuse Recycle


Wastewater Recycling is defined as treating a wastewater stream to the point that it can be recycled back to the process that created it in the first place. An example of this, that we have used, would be removing suspended solids from rinse water using a WMA 60 Bag Filter so the filtered water can be used again for the rinse water. 

Wastewater Reuse is treating a wastewater stream to the point that it can be reused some place else in the plant. An example of this, that we have used successfully, is using filtered softened reverse osmosis plant concentrate as cooling tower make-up.

Wastewater Reduction involves minimising the generation of wastewater in the process itself. An example of this, that we have used numerous times, is installing a reverse osmosis plant to treat steam boiler make-up water which dramatically reduces the amount of boiler blowdown waste water.

If you would like to know if water recycling, reuse & reduction is of financial & environmental benefit to your site, please email us: