Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Water Management Australia has over 25 years chlorine dioxide generator experience.

Chlorine dioxide offers a number of advantages for water disinfection compared with chlorine. Chlorine dioxides disinfection strength does not decrease as the water pH value increases, as is the case with chlorine. Chlorine dioxide remains stable in the pipe system over a long period of time  and provides microbiological protection for the water over many hours or days.

The main benefits of chlorine dioxide disinfection when compared to chlorine are:

  • Excellent sustained-release effect due to long-term stability in the pipeline system
  • Reduction of the bio-films in pipework and tanks, thereby providing reliable protection of the entire water systems against Legionella contamination
  • No reaction with ammonia or ammonium
  • No formation of chlorophenols
  • No formation of trihalogenmethanes & other chlorinated hydrocarbons  

Chlorine Dioxide Generator