Water Management Australia’s Ultrafiltration (UF) plants are used to seperate particles & high-molecular-weight soluble species from solutions. WMA’s Ultrafiltration plants use microporous membranes with a pore size distribution of 0.005 to 0.1 microns, which is an order of magnitude smaller than the pore sizes used in our Microfiltration plants.

Ultrafiltration Plant

Ultrafiltration Plant Skid Mounted

Water Management Australia’s Ultrafiltration plants are:

  • Used in the food & beverage industry for recovery of proteins for milk & whey, for sugar concentration in fruit juices, removal of bacteria & suspended solids and organics from bottled drinking water
  • Used to remove free oil from waste water
  • Used to remove bacteria & large viruses from potable water & wastewater for reuse
  • Commonly used for reverse osmosis pretreatment to reduce the concentration of suspended solids & high-molecular-weight organics

The application of WMA’s Ultrafiltration plants for reverse osmosis pretreatment has grown rapidly because our customers are interested in reducing the size of their treatment facilities & reducing or eliminating chemical treatments. These plants are highly cost effective when used to remove bacteria & dissolved high-molecular-weight organics from RO feed water and as a polisher for the reduction of suspended solids & silt density index.

WMA’s Ultrafiltration plants provide consistant effluent quality including 6-log bacteria removal & silt density indexs less than 2 which equates to turbidity less than 0.02 NTU.