Mine Dewatering Bores

Case Study

Mine Dewatering Bores

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd was contacted by the Maintenance Engineer from a South Australian mine for assistance with his mine dewatering bores. The mine’s dewatering bore maintenance costs & bore pump replacement costs had dramatically increased over the past 12 months. One of his maintenance team had successfully used WMA 2006 Bore Cleaning Compound at another mining site to clean bore pumps in-situ so he recommended that his boss contact Water Management Australia Pty Ltd.

Bore Cleaning

WMA 2006 Bore Cleaning Compound is used to keep mining pits workable

A Product Specialist attended the site & surveyed the mines 24 dewatering bores. Examination & analysis determined that all 24 dewatering bores were heavily contaminated with iron bacteria. The bio-fouling was clogging the bores & their associated head works resulting in increased maintenance & numerous pump failures.

A WMA 2006 Bore Cleaning Compound maintenance program was introduced. Costs associated with replacing failed bore pumps & electrical pumping costs immediately reduced.

The Maintenance Engineer estimated that his dewatering bore costs were reduced by at least $60,000 per year.