Bore Cleaner

WMA 2006 Bore Cleaning Compound has the following features & benefits:

  • Dramatically increases bore production flow rates by removing bore screen blockages
  • Reduces pumping costs & associated pump problems
  • Is Health Department approved for use in bores that produce potable drinking water
  • Is easy to use
  • Reduces metal corrosion rates, which means that maintenance & replacement costs are reduced
  • Increases product water quality, which means that taste, colour, staining & odour are improved
  • Eliminates irrigation systems fouling & blocking 
  • Is extremely cost effective
  • Is Australian made
  • Is biodegradable
  • A green cleaning product
  • Available in a wide range of product sizes – So you can buy only the amount you require

Bore Water Use at Golf Course


Case Study

WMA 2006 Bore Cleaner Saves Golf Club Over $80,000

A large private golf course in Adelaide was experiencing turf die off due to lack of water during Summer. Their main bore, which normally produced 80,000 L/hr at 300 kPa, was now only producing 24,000 L/hr at 750 kPa. The original bore drilling contractor was called in to provide a solution. They recommended that another bore be drilled at a cost of $85,000 to increase the water production & the customer would have to wait eight weeks before the work could commence.

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd was called in by the Club Manager to provide a second opinion. The bore was examined & tested and found to be contaminated with iron bacteria & other deposits.

Iron Fouling of Bore Water Irrigation System

Iron Bacteria Block & Reduce Water Flow from Bores

A quotation was prepared the next day to clean the original bore with WMA 2006 Bore Cleaning Compound on the following Monday at a cost of $3,200. WMA’s Cleaning Technicians dosed the bore with WMA 2006 and within minutes the water flow significantly increased. The solution was circulated for six hours & then the bore was disinfected. At the end of the clean & disinfection, the water flow had increased to 78,000 L/hr and the pressure had reduced to 320 kPa. 

The club had saved over $80,000 plus electrical pumping costs were significantly reduced. Effective 10/11/2011, the bore has been running for over two years and water flow & pressure readings indicate that the bore has remained clean without any additional cleaning or disinfection being required.

The Bore Water Cleaning Compound had allowed irrigation to return to normal