Water Management Australia’s Microfiltration MF Plants are used to seperate particles from solution. Our plants use microporous membranes with pore sizes down to 0.1 microns.

Beverage Factory Microfiltration Plant

Microfiltration Plant

Water Management Australia’s Microfiltration Plants are used for:

  • Water treatment¬†encompassing the removal of suspended solids, including up to 4-log removal of bacteria
  • Waste water treatment-biomass sedimentation using membrane bioreactors (MBRs), tertiary¬†treatment of waste for reuse
  • Food & beverage treatment, such as clarification of beer, fruit juices & other liquid beverages
  • Resource recovery of inks, textile sizing agents & electrodeposition paints

WMA’s Microfiltration Plants are commonly used as pretreatment to reverse osmosis plants for bulk removal of suspended solids & bacteria. WMA’s Microfiltration Plants are frequently used to replace conventional clarification & filtration plants.

The advantages of WMA’s Microfiltration Plants over conventional clarification & filtration include:

  • There is minimal need for treatment chemicals, such as: coagulants, flocculants, acid or caustic
  • There is consistent effluent quality, regardless of the raw feed water quality
  • The plants are extremely compact
  • They have simple automation & require minimal operator attention