Zero Liquid Discharge

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd has developed several unique green methods for dealing with reverse osmosis reject waste water including DCT “Discharge to Cooling Tower” & our state-of-the-art ZLD “Zero Liquid Discharge”.

WMA’s green DCT allows the reverse osmosis plant’s reject water to be used as make-up water for cooling towers & condensers. Scaling is controlled using WMA’s generation three scale inhibitors.

WMA’s ZLD allows waste streams, such as: cooling tower blowdown or bleed, boiler blowbown, process waste & rain runoff to be treated & reused as boiler or cooling tower make-up water.

If you would like to reduce your plant’s water consumption & discharge requirements, please email us on to arrange a free no obligation water analysis of your plant’s feedwater, reject water, waste streamsĀ & cooling tower water.