Water Softeners

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd manufactures, supplies, installs & services a wide range of water softeners for commercial & industrial applications.

A recent report from the Water Quality Research Foundation on laundries & dishwashers confirmed that softening water increases the efficacy of soaps & detergents and can save significant energy. The study showed that stain removal is increased more by softening water than by increasing detergent dose or by increasing water temperature. Decreasing hardness was demonstrated to be up to 100 times more effective at stain removal than increasing detergent dose or temperature. Softened water combined with the least amount of detergent & lowest water temperature provides the highest degree of whiteness compared to increased hardness with the highest level of detergent & temperature.

The study showed that when hard water is softened prior to its use in washing, detergent use can be reduced by 50 percent, and washing can be carried out in 15 C cold water instead of 38 C hot water, and yet still acheive the same or better stain removal & produce whiter clothes. This was found to be true for all nine stain types & all nine popular detergents tested.

The independent study also evaluated dishwashers & confirmed that significant improvements were made by softening the water with regard to spotting & filming performance, as well as in better soiling removal. Detergent savings of up to 70 percent were observed by using softened water.

It was demonstrated that for gas storage tank water heaters, up to 24 percent efficiency can be lost with using hard water due to insulating deposits forming on the heat transfer surfaces. This would significantly increase fuel bills year after year.

Boiler Water Softener

Steam Boiler Water Softener


The features & benefits of water softeners can include:

  • Low capital investment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced water treatment chemical consumption & costs
  • Improved heat transfer
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced equipment replacement costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Elimination of costly unscheduled shutdowns
  • Safer working environment
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased competitiveness

Water Softeners are also known as Sodium Softeners, they are used to remove soluble hardness (calcium, magnesium, barium & strontium). They can also remove iron & manganese.

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd provides an extensive range of water softener services including determination if the softener resin is suffering from fouling or damage which will reduce the softening plant efficiency.

The water softener ion exchange resin is analysed for Iron Fouling, Organic Fouling & resin bead optical assessment. Failure to maintain good quality resins will cause serious problems including reduced efficiency & build-up of biological growths including numerous pathogens & toxins.

WMA’s Service Engineers are all highly trained & equiped to carryout field Softener Elution Studies & determine problems, such as:

  • Channeling of the resin bed
  • Not enough brine drawdown
  • Restricted brine line or eductor resulting in slow brine draw
  • Restricted distribution system
  • Improper adjustment of brine rinse flowrate
  • Unsaturated brine in brine tank
  • Iron and/or dirt fouling of the zeolite bed
  • Insufficient zeolite bed depth
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