Chemical Free Iron Filtration

Water Management Australia supplies chemical free iron filters which consist of a backwash filter, an air injector and a mixing valve. The chemical free iron filter removes ferric (red water) iron and ferrous (clear water) iron from water which controls yellow, orange and brown stains on laundry and bathroom fittings.

Thousands of tiny air bubbles are introduced to the water supply by the injector prior to it entering the pressure tank.

The filter media is not consumed in the iron removal process; it has a very long life with a very low attrition rate. This, coupled with the fact that no chemicals are required, results in significant economic advantages compared to other iron removal methods.

The main advantages of chemical free iron filtration are: It has no upper limit for iron removal, it is not affected by hardness, no chemicals are required for regeneration, it regenerates less often than other iron filters and the fully automatic control valve features adjusted backwash times, time of day settings and frequency of backwash. As a result, a short cycle can be set which allows the user to have filtered water at all times except for the 22 minutes required for periodic backwashing which is normally set for 1.00am when typically no filtered water is being used.