Warm Water System Auditing

Water Management Australia Pty Ltd provides Warm Water System Auditing to comply with the South Australian regulations for the control of Legionnaires Disease. We have over 30 years water treatment specialist experience.

All of our auditors are highly experienced in water management & Department of Health Certified Approved Auditors.

Our customers include: government bodies, shopping centres, high rise building owners, health care facilities, facility managers, mechanical service companies, early childhood centres & nursing homes.

All Commercial Warm Water Systems in South Australia must be audited annually.

Commercial Warm Water System

Commercial Warm Water System which is primarily used for showers

 Hot Water Systems & Warm Water Systems are used to provide heated water in buildings for a range of purposes (e.g. bathing and/or cleaning).

Hot Water Systems are those that heat water & distribute or recirculate it through the majority of pipe work at or around 55 – 60 C.

Warm Water Systems are typically found in care facilities such as early childhood centres, primary & secondary schools, nursing homes for young, aged, sick or disabled persons and other health care facilities.

Warm Water Systems are those that distribute or recirculate water through the majority of the pipe work at a temperature of approximately 45 C as per AS/NZS 3500.4.

Legionnaires Disease from warm water systems

Hot Water System Warning Due To Legionnaires Disease Bacteria