Water Safety Plans

Water Safety Plans are required under Duty of Care & are applicable to all buildings where the public may drink water or be exposed to water. These buildings include: shopping centers, hotels, bed & breakfasts, farm-stays, campsites, sporting facilities, train stations, child-care facilities, hospitals, military barracks, garden centers, health facilities, aged-care facilities & prisons.

Water Safety Plans:

  • identify microbiological & chemical hazards & hazardous events and assess the risks
  • describe the reticulated water system
  • determine & validate control measures, reassess and prioritize the risks
  • develop, implement & maintain an improvement/upgrade plan
  • define monitoring of the control measures
  • verify the effectiveness of the Water Safety Plan 
  • prepare management procedures
  • develop supporting programmes
  • plan & carry out periodic review of the Water Safety Plan

Waterborne pathogens, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, non-tuberculous Mycobacteria and Legionella are a significant health concern and can lead to substantial and avoidable costs.

Cases of Legionnaires Disease in hotels & shopping centres have often received extensive and damaging publicity resulting in highly significant economic impact.

Water Safety Plans are the most effective means of consistently ensuring the safety of the reticulated water through a comprehensive risk-management approach that encompasses all steps,     from source through treatment & distribution to consumers. The Water Safety Plan approach is based on identifying all significant risks to public health, ensuring that effective controls & barriers are applied to minimize these risks to acceptable levels, and monitoring the operation of the controls and barriers to ensure that safety is maintained.

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