OHS Management System

At Water Management Australia, we always consider safety first. This means the safety of ourselves, our colleagues, suppliers & customers.

Water Management Australia is committed to our OHS Management System which includes:

  • Health & Safety training for all our employees
  • Induction programs for all employees & contractors
  • A record of all training & induction programs
  • Training all employees in confined space, first aidĀ & safety lock out procedures
  • A written Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Clearly defined responsibilities for all levels of staff in our company
  • Regular reviews by top management
  • Continual improvement

At Water Management Australia, we believe that:

  1. All injuries can be prevented
  2. Training to work safely is essential
  3. Working safely is a condition of employment
  4. Involvement of everyone is essential
  5. Managers, at all levels, are accountable for safety
  6. Safety is a Key Performance Indicator

To support our beliefs, we will always:

  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Comply with all legislative & statutory requirements
  • Demonstrate sound & pro-active safety leadership through all our management, team leadersĀ & supervisors
  • Maintain appropriate Health & Safety Systems and regularly audit and review these systems to ensure compliance & improvement
  • Establish clear safety accountabilities for everyone in our workplace
  • Consult & communicate openly with employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the community on all Health & Safety Issues

Our management & staff are dedicated to:

  • Safety
  • Teamwork
  • Service
  • Passion
  • Integrity